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How the UR-Worthy Process Works Print E-mail

Our focus is your unique ROADMAP. Each student has unique set of needs, which require a complete analysis before we develop a roadmap Together we will:

  1. Conduct detailed assessment of the student
  2. Compile and analyze information gathered
  3. Conduct strategic planning sessions, to discuss and develop short term goals
  4. Utilize the information from the outcome of the strategic planning sessions to create the roadmap to meet the short and long-term goals (including detailed tactics)

UR-Worthy introduces a process that:

  • Helps the student understand who they are and identify their career interest through a discovery process
  • Establishes academic strength, weaknesses and their personal goals
  • Recommends an improvement process to address weaknesses
  • Develops student profile
  • Determines collegiate fit
  • Jointly creates the roadmap for college based on the roadmap
  • Creates the long-term strategic plan

Marion Wells

Cell: (248) 345-9378

Fax: (248) 719-7792


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